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Spring Festival --Munich Insider's Guide, Issue #006
April 22, 2013

Bauma and Spring Festival


Uff, that was a crazy week here in Munich. We had the world's biggest constructions fair, the BAUMA, that takes place only every three years.

Underground trains were crowded, millions of people came to visit, traffic was worse than ever....most everyone is glad, that it is over now :-)

See you in 2016 :-)

But now on to some more enjoyable news:

Spring Festival

The Frühlingsfest, that is often called the "little sister of the Oktoberfest" started not very spring-like last Friday with rain and cold weather.

I really wanted to visit the flea market, that takes place only once a year and is the biggest one in Bavaria. was just too cold and rainy. I couldn't get myself to leave the house.

You'll have to wait for pictures until next year :-(

Anyhow, the weather is about to get better and forecast tells us temperatures above 20°C or 65°F from Wednesday onwards.

If you happen to be in Munich, don't miss this great folks festival. There are attractions for everyone.

More about the Spring Festival

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