Health Resort Bad Tölz near Munich

Bad Tölz is located about one hour from Munich in the beautiful alpine upland. It has a picturesque old town as you can see on the picture below.

Picturesque old town in Bad Toelz

Muehlfeldkirche Bad Toelz Almost all of the buildings in the old town still have the rich paintings and decorations from former centuries. Take your time to have a closer look and appreciate them.

The time in Bad Tölz definitely passes much slower than in Munich, which you will realize as soon as you step out of the train or car.

We usually take the train, which is called Bayerische Oberlandbahn or short BOB. It departs hourly from the Hauptbahnhof Munich, and the journey takes around 50 minutes. You can use the Bayern-Ticket with up to 5 persons.

Muehlfeldkirche Bad Toelz You must make sure to enter the wagon going to Lenggries, because the train will be divided before Bad Tölz and you don't want to be sitting in the part going to some place else :-)

When arriving at the train station Bad Tölz, just follow everyone else or the sign to Altstadt. It's about 10 minutes walk.

You'll pass the baroque church Mühlfeldkirche that makes a nice first stop on the way.

Old Town Bad Toelz Have a look inside to appreciate the richly decorated and painted interior of this typical Baroque church.

Apart from the beauty of the town, there are many more reasons to visit Bad Tölz:

  • enjoy the scenic journey through breathtaking landscapes of the foothills of the Alps to get there
  • Typical bedroom 18th century
  • do a pilgrimage to the church Kalvarienbergkirche and Leonhardi Chapel on top of the 707m high hill above Bad Tölz
  • eat typical Bavarian food
  • visit the Historical Museum of the city
  • learn more about the region on the geological walking path
  • attend some of the medicinal moor spas
  • breathe fresh air
  • feel the atmosphere of the famous German soap "Der Bulle von Tölz"

Annaglas in the City Museum We visited the Historical Museum, which features on four floors the history of Bad Tölz and its region. You feel almost like you've been there.

One of the highlights of the exhibitions is the old furniture from farmers. I was fascinated by the delicate paintings on beds, closets, etc.

Also, don't miss the temporary exhibitions on the ground floor. At the time we visited, it was about glass. You wouldn't imagine the fine arts that centuries ago people already had been able to do with glass.

Kalvarien Mountain Church and Leonhardi Chapel One thing that really impressed me was the showroom with Annaglas (see photo above), also called Uranium glass or Vaseline glass.

Due to small parts of uranium oxide, the glass gets a slight yellow or green color and will fluoresce under ultraviolet light.

We didn't walk up to the Kalvarienchurch this time, because we were tired from the museum. But we took a picture, so you can see it's worth walking up there.