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My friend and I are planning to spend a few days in Munich at the beginning of December.

I would be grateful of any advice that you can give me about a good area of the city to stay, where we can easily walk to nice restaurants in the evening (we don't mind at all getting a tram or train during the day if we want to see the sights and do some shopping - we just prefer to be able to walk to somewhere nice to eat in the evenings).

Also, although it is very touristy (sorry), we feel that we should go to Hofbrauhaus or somewhere similar one evening. Can you give us any advice on a good traditional place with music.

Any advice you can give me would be appreciated - I can't work out which part of the city is the best area to stay.

Thank you lots.
Jayne and Linda

Reply by Marion

Hi Jayne and Linda,

December is a very nice time to come to Munich and you will have the chance to visit one or more Christmas markets.

As for a place to stay, you could stay in the city center near Marienplatz. Around there, especially in the direction of Schranne and the Jewish Museum, you find lots of nice restaurants.

Another great locations is Schwabing. Schwabing has more restaurants than you could ever wish for. There are some (mostly bars, but also restaurants) located behind Münchner Freiheit, then there's another part of Schwabing around Hohenzollernplatz with many nice restaurants to dine at night.

If you want to combine restaurants with bars and night life, the place is to go Haidhausen, near Ostbahnhof.

As for the Hofbräuhaus, I'm not a fan of it. I've been there twice and both times the food was bad and the bill was too high.

Right opposite to the Hofbräuhaus is a nice place called Augustiner (also a beer brewery) which I like to go. I'm not sure though when they have live music (probably only on the weekends).

Best Regards,


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