Names of Beers served at Oktoberfest

What is the names of all the beers served at Oktoberfest ?

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There are only a few big breweries that brew beer for the Oktoberfest. All the tents use one of these seven brands:

- Spaten
- Franziskaner
- Paulaner
- Hofbräu
- Hacker-Pschorr
- Löwenbräu
- Augustiner

Actually the beer for Oktoberfest is especially brewed for this occasion and will taste slightly different than the "normal" beer of that brand.

Click here to take a virtual tour through all the tents at Oktoberfest in Munich and find out which tent serves which brand of beer.


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Germany is famous for beer and German people are the largest consumers of Beer. There are so many brands that are available and I noticed people like Beer that are prepared small brewers. They prepare beer particularly for Oktoberfest and it is estimated that nearly ten million gallons are consumed every year.

Germany is well known for its breweries and great beer. I have been to Munich once and have tasted their beer. The taste was awesome and it felt much different from the beers that are available at the other parts of Europe.


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2010 is the 200 year anniversary of Oktoberfest and there is a special area called the "Historical Wiesn", featuring some historical events (i.e. a horse race). Other than the regular festival area, it costs entry fee (4 EUR per person) but is worth to see. A lot calmer and very appropriate for families with children (young kids are free).

And: they have a special beer! To come close to the original beer served 200 years ago, all of the Munich breweries came together to brew several thousand liters of a special receipt. They will never have it again, since they agreed to burn the recipe...

It is a strong dark beer, very tasty. And, again, it's unique.

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