Oktoberfest circa 1975

by John Bushouse
(Fort Wayne, IN)

I was in Germany from 1974 through 1977, while I served in the US Army. I visited Munich in October of 1975, and visited the Oktoberfest activities one night.

The most striking difference from the American perspective, is that most Germans view alcohol differently.
How so? Many Americans get drunk and do stupid things: destroy things, get loud or obnoxious, dive drunk, start fights, etc. The Germans for the most part don't do this, wow what a difference!

The dancing part I never got involved in, looked kinda corny with the traditional get up for whatever it is called "polka dancing." They had some accordion players as well. Just wasn't for me. Sure the ladies looked great in their nice low cut dresses and cinched waists.

Hey wait a minute, I forgot about the great food: bratwurst, chicken, everything yummy.

The girls looked fantastic, food was great, people acted great, it's just that I've never really been into polka dancing.

Reply by Marion

Hi John,

this was a loooooong time ago :-)

I believe many things are still the same, but many others have changed.

For starters, we don't "Polka dance" anymore. It wouldn't work anyways, because the tents are much too crowded nowadays. Instead, people stand on the benches and kinda move to the music, without leaving their position.

Apart from that, the girls (and boys!) still look fantastic in their traditional clothing, and the food and beer is delicious :-)

Hope you'll have the chance to visit again !

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