Parking in Munich attractions


Is it possible that we park somewhere near Olympia Park, Nymphenburg Palace and Alte Pinakothek easily and for free?

If not, how much does parking charges in these places?

And, if I only have one day and travel with a car, how can I best spend it in Munich? Thanks!

Reply by Marion


parking is a major problem in Munich. Basically everything inside the "Mittlerer Ring" is now a so-called controlled parking zone. This means you must live on that street to be allowed to park for free. Everyone else has to pay.

The price in 2012 is 0,20 Euro per 12 minutes (1 Euro per hour) up to a maximum of 6 Euro.

This is still cheaper than a parking garage, but you must be lucky. It is quite difficult to find a parking space and you might have to drive a round for 10 to 20 minutes and walk a long way to the attractions you want to visit.

If you have only one day in Munich you don't want to waste that much time going around by car.

The best solution would be to park your car in one of the big park and ride (P&R) facilities in and around Munich and hop onto the subway.

This way you can travel fast to any of the Munich attractions and don't have the trouble to find a parking places.

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