Read your book but some follow up questions about Oktoberfest

by Scott
(El Dorado, AR)

Hello Marion,

I read your book about Oktoberfest but had a few more questions.

What tents allow payment with Debit Card? I'm in the US and primarily use my debit card. For tents that use it, is it frowned upon or seen as the same?

How does the toilet situation work? Specifically I dont want to lose my seat when I go to the toilet (I'm a man if that helps)

I'll be going by myself so any tips would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Reply by Marion

Hi Scott,

sorry for the late answer, as I was on vacation. But you still have a few days before the Oktoberfest starts :-)

Here are my answers:

1. Debit Cards

As far as I know none of the tents accepts credit or debit cards. You pay to the waitress at the time she brings your beer (and not by the time you leave as you might be used to from a normal restaurant) and you pay in cash.

This is due to the high workload and the amount of people. Taking cards would slow down the process too much.

It might be different when you go with a company, because then only one person is presented the bill at the end of the evening for everyone. This bill off course it usually to high to pay in cash.

But for us "normal" visitors its cash only. There's an automatic teller machine coming up from the underground station Theresienwiese to your right.

But you better stack up on cash beforehand, because there are always long queues.

2. Toilet Situation

Usually if you leave the table, then your seat is gone. But I assume that you're not there alone, right?

Even if you're traveling alone then you have 9 more persons occupying the table together with you. The normal thing is to talk and drink with them and have fun. If you need to go to the toilet you just let them know and they will "defend" your seat against any newcomers.

So don't worry about that!

Wishing yo so much fun and I'd love to hear back from you. I'd also appreciate if you write a review about my book if it has helped you.

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