Types of Bicycles

by Greg
(Weymouth England)

Dear Sir

I am organising a cycling tour for next year for 6 people. (28 Sep - 4 Oct)

We can either bring our own bikes on the plane or hire when we arrive.

Whilst our preferred option is to hire, the 2 times we have hired previously, (Portugal/Munich) we could only hire basic mountain bikes - these were low geared, heavy, uncomfortable and difficult to travel far in a day.

Our planned tour is 80-160km per day for 5/6 days. My questions: -

Do you hire road/race bikes?
Do you have any lighter, better quality mountain/hybrid bikes?

I look forward to hearing from you.



Reply by Marion

Hi Greg,

you would need to contact the bike rental company directly. I have either put a link to their website or some other contact information into my article.


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