Why is Oktoberfests about Beer?

by Mel
(Balarang, n.s.w Australia)

How come Oktoberfests are about beer?
Does that mean that children can't go because they can't drink and what about all the people that don't drink beer what do they do??

Reply by Marion

Hi Mel,

the beer tents are only one part of Oktoberfest in Munich, even though the most famous one.

In fact, there is a large "street", where you can find all the newest and most unbelievable funrides you can think off, like roller coasters, ghost houses, free fall, top spin, etc.

There even is a part of Theresienwiese reserved for kids, the so-called "family corner", where you find foods and drinks for little ones as well as carousels, mini scooter and infrastructure for changing diapers :-)

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