Another option for table reservations??

by Jerry
(Brookfield, Wisconsin USA)

What if I made a table reservation for 10 when I only have 4 in the group? When we get to Oktoberfest we then try to find 6 more people who would like to join us and they pay me for their coupons. Is that an alternative to actually getting a table at night?

What if I reserve a table and then find people online who will be going to Oktoberfest that day and then we meet up at the tent?

Does your whole group have to be together before going in the tent or can we meet at the table?

Thank you for your advice.


Reply by Marion

Hi Jerry,

it's one of the easiest things to find persons to join your reserved table :-)

We do this all the time. We reserve a table and then a week or so before the date, we ask who of our friends wants to go. There's never a shortage of friends who want to join us :-)

If you want to find people online then it involves more work and you want to make sure, they're nice people.

The tents have different ways of handling the reserved tables. For some it's sufficient that you present i.e. an email with the reservation. But this has brought many problems in the past.

Usually with your reservation you will receive 10 plastic bracelets that have to worn and shown at the entrance.
So yes, you should meet in advance and distribute the bracelets to your friends.

If one of them comes later and didn't get the bracelet in advance from you (maybe because it was on a short notice) then there's one thing you can do.
That person calls you on your cell phone, you then meet them at the entrance and hand over the bracelet without leaving the tent yourself (some tents allow re-entry others don't. )
Make sure to tell your friend exactly where to meet. All the entrances have numbers such as S2 or N3 and certain entrances are "reserved" for reservation holders.

Wishing you lots of fun!


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