Dress for Oktoberfest

by Emma

I am just wondering if it a must to wear one of the beer bench outfits when at Oktoberfest?

I think it looks like so much fun to dress up but do you have to take your own costume with you or can you buy them once you are there?


Reply by Marion

Hello Emma,

you can wear whatever you wish at the Oktoberfest! You will see many persons wearing jeans and sneakers.

Off course, we Bavarians like to dress up with traditional Dirndl and Lederhose, but it's in no way a must to do so.

I have some friends (born in Munich, raised in Munich) who dislike to wear traditional Tracht and prefer to go to the Oktoberfest in jeans. It's really up to you!

Personally I think a Dirndl makes every woman look good, so it's a wise choice to wear one :-)

You could bring your own, but I recommend to buy it here, because you have a much greater choice and better prices.

And half the fun is trying them all on !

But if you can't wait or don't have enough time while you're in Munich, here's a great Online Shop, where you can buy Dirndl and Lederhose.

I have bought from them several aprons to match my dresses and I can wholeheartedly recommend this company. They also ship international and the prices are very acceptable.

Have fun!

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