Munich Travel DVD and Videos

Do you want to see what you get, even before visiting beautiful Munich? With this fascinating collection of Germany, Bavaria and Munich travel DVDs and videos you'll get first hand info about how it really looks like over here.

Stachus, Munich

Travel DVDs and videos are a great vacation planning tool: travel with the experts, learn more about German culture, indulge in great landscapes and watch your favorite Munich attractions.

You will find below a selection of popular videos and DVDs for travel in Munich and Germany, which will give you a great overview of our country. You get to know many beautiful places and destinations like Bavarian villages, Heidelberg, the Alps and Neuschwanstein Castle.

Further down the list you can find videos and DVDs focusing specifically on Munich and her many attractions like the Oktoberfest. Some of the DVDs are even available as instant download, so you won't have to wait until the snail mail arrives to get into vacation mood :-) And don't miss the free video clips for instant pleasant anticipation!

Most Popular Germany Travel DVDs and Videos

Cities of the World: Munich

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Munich offers much more than Oktoberfest: the pretzel, large cups of beer and huge shopping malls. The neo-gothic palace of the City Hall, the unique domes of the Cathedral of Our Lady, the pillars of the generals, the city gates, the eclectic buildings of the Residenz are all there for for you to see. You can also enjoy the markets and the taverns.
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Bavaria - Germany

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Bavaria is the largest German territory. It is a land dotted with little towns and villages. Wooden shells, high red tiled roofs with many skylights, old signboards, town walls, ancient churches, domes and steeples, narrow streets and riverbanks, huge green areas and many flowers take us to a wonderfully calm and merry world.
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Bavaria and the Black Forest

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Everything you'd ever want to know about Munich and its surroundings: start in Füssen, home to fairy tale castle Neuschwanstein and travel along the romantic road up to Würzburg. Make a long stop in Munich and even get a glimpse onto the Oktoberfest.
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Get Outta Town Munich

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Definitely a different Munich travel guide: Join Barbara as she visits the 20 most important sights in Munich in just one day. This travel movie is fast and fun!

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Fairy Tale Europe

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In Munich and Bavaria, Rudy is your guide to the lively Marienplatz with its outdoor cafes, shops, and street musicians, as well as magnificent palaces and spectacular vistas. In musical Salzburg, Rudy visits the house where Mozart was born. In Austria's "Sound of Music" land, visit magical ice caves and stroll picturesque spa towns once frequented by European royalty.
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