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We are planning to visit Germany in couple of months (non EU members). Is it required for all visa applicants to be physically present at the German embassy on the day of the appointment?


Reply by Marion


this is what the German Foreign offices says:

As a rule, applicants must submit visa applications, together with all necessary documents, in person at the German mission responsible for their place of residence. In order to avoid time-consuming requests for additional information or documentation, applicants should contact the respective mission well in advance of their departure date to enquire about any special local requirements pertaining to visa formalities.

Visa application forms can be obtained from the mission free of charge (in the local language). Applicants may also download the forms here (see right). The forms submitted must be original versions (at least one set) in the appropriate language of the mission in question. Please contact the mission beforehand to find out exactly which forms are required.

There might be exceptions if you request a visa for your whole family, but call the nearest German consulate first to find out.

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