Visa Requirement

by Alan Beard
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

I am bringing a 13 year old boy to Germany in December to sing on a TV program. He is a permanemt resident of Australia but still a citizen of The Philippines. Does he require a Visa and if so, which one??


Alan Beard
PS I am an Australian Citizen and understand that I do not require a visa

Reply by Marion

Hi Alan,

Wow! What an unusual reason to visit Germany! Wishing you and the boy the best of luck with the TV performance.

As long as he's still citizen of the Philippines, he will need a visa.
Normally I would suggest a tourist visa, but I have no experience with TV performances, the station might be able to arrance some special "artist visa".

Because he's a minor you will probably need some additional paperwork. Therefore I can only recommend you to go to the nearest German consulate and clarify all paperwork necessary with them.

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