What formalities needs to be fulfilled to get a Family Visa for a longer stay in Munich, Germany

by Meenakshi Nair


I’ am an Indian citizen. I would like to know the details for getting a family visa for a longer stay in Germany.
On coming June 2010 I’ am getting married and my fiance stays in Munich, Germany. He works there in a German Insurance company.
Actually, I want to stay with him after marriage and would like to know the formalities to be fulfilled to get a German visa for a longer stay in Germany. I don't know German language and would like to know whether knowing the German language is one of the prequisites to get a German Visa.
I shall be grateful to you if you kindly tell me the requirements and documents that I should keep myself ready with to get a German visa as quickly as possible immediately after my marriage.

Awaiting for your favorable response at the earliest.

Maheshwari Nair

Reply by Marion

Hi Maheshwari,

you didn't tell me if your fiance is German or not and where you are getting married.

Getting a "spouse visa" is very different from getting a "normal" tourist visa, and other rules apply. So you should definitely consult the German embassy in India to ask which documents exactly you need to show.

If you married outside Germany, you might also have to translate your marriage certificate and validate it for Germany.

Sorry, that I can't give you detailed advise here.

I received your additional information, but in order to get a spouse visa if your husband is not German, you need to talk to the German embassy in India.

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