English Garden Image Gallery

Monopteros in the English Garden in Munich


The Monopteros overlooks the English garden. Walk up the hill and you'll have a fantastic view at the skyline of Munich.

Birds eating

Eating Time

Not only we humans like to relax in the English garden. Quite a variety of birds live here and they're tame enough to be photographed.

Small boats on the Kleinhesseloher Lake

Kleinhesseloher Lake

Rent one of the pedal boats and take a tour around the islands in the Kleinhesseloher Lake. Once you're finished enjoying sun and water, drink refreshment at the lakeside beer garden Seehaus.

Milchhausl in the English Garden in Munich


Milchhäusl means "house of milk". The name comes from the milk shakes and smoothies sold there and it's a perfect place to meet your friends. It marks the entrance to the English Garden coming from the University of Munich.

Isar passing through the English Garden in Munich

Isar River

The Isar is passing through the northern part of the English Garden. Even though the water is very cold, because the Isar comes from the mountains, you'll always see people bathing here.

Eisbach passing through the Englischer Garten in Munich


Eisbach means "icy creek". You already know where the icy comes from :-)
The current is very strong and locals love to get into the creek upstream and let the water take them downstream. During the walk back to where you left your clothes you have enough time to warm up again.

Romantic creek in northern part the English Garden in Munich

Romantic Spot

The Northern part of the English Garden is much calmer and you'll find many romantic places such as this little creek amidst the trees.