Frühlingsfest Munich

As the name Frühlingsfest (Spring Festival) implies, this Munich festival takes place in spring. During two weeks at the end of April and beginning of May the Theresienwiese is a place full of fun and adventure.

Fruehlingsfest in Munich

It is often said to be the little sister of the Oktoberfest. Come with me onto a tour around the festival grounds and you will find out why.

As you can see from the picture above, it takes place at the same location, and looks quite similar - except that it's much less crowded. This is one of the main advantages: you'll be able to walk in and out of the beer tents without any problems. If you have kids, but still want Oktoberfest atmosphere, the Spring Festival, comes to your rescue :-)

The Beer Tents

The Frühlingsfest features two beer tents and one roofed beer garden.


Hippodrom tent

It's smaller than the original Hippodrom at the Oktoberfest, but with 2000 seats still big enough to provide that special party atmosphere.

The Hippodrom is known for best quality food, drinks and service. During the day the band plays Bavarian folks music, in the evening party music.

Münchner Weissbiergarten


Not really a tent, but a beer garden. Because it has a roof, the Weissbiergarten is suitable even during rainy weather.

(If you don't know it, the weather in April can be rather crazy: sunshine in one minute, rain the next one).

They are famous for their cold dishes, like the Brotzeitplatte and serve Helles as well as wheat beer. It is a great place to go with your kids.

Festhalle Bayernland

Festhalle Bayernland

This beer tent has been at the Frühlingsfest for more than 40 years. That makes it the oldest tent here.

They serve good food and Augustiner beer, that is especilly well-liked by locals. You can buy hot and cold Bavarian dishes and listen to folks music during the day and party music in the evening.

The Fun Rides

Water Globe fun ride in Munich
Every folks festival needs fun rides! While the fair is smaller and less crowded than the Oktoberfest, there are still great attractions.

Merry Go Round Roller coaster rides, haunted houses, merry-go-rounds and hand-led pony rides. What else could you wish for?

Apart from the newest and greatest you also find the obligatory traditional attractions such as the ferris wheel, the auto scooter, and the Bavarian slide.

There's a fun ride for everyone.

More Attractions at the Frühlingsfest

Flea Market

The biggest flea market in Bavaria is held right here at the Frühlingsfest. It takes place on the first Saturday of the fair. Every year more than 2000 vendors and many thousands of buyers come and have fun hunting for bargains. Arrive early for the best bargains and read my tips about flea markets bargain hunting.

Bierkönigin - Beer Queen

Other countries have their beauty queens, we have a Beer Queen. In order to cast the girl must be born and raised in Bavaria and at least 21 years old. Apart from being beautiful she can only win the contest with a vast knowledge about brewing beer.

Come and watch the Queen of Bavaria at the Frühlingsfest :-) More infos about the contest (only in German).

Oldtimer Cars

You wouldn't expect to visit Germany, the land of the cars, and not see Oldtimer cars, would you?

On the first Sunday of the Fair a big Oldtimer meeting takes place. If you're even remotely interested in old cars and motorbikes this is a must see! Come early, the corso starts at 9 a.m.


Every Friday night there's a big firework. Some of the best fire artists perform a truly amazing show.

Brauchtumstag - Day of Traditions

On the last day of the spring festival is the Day of Traditions. Enjoy the exhibition of old agricultural equipment including tractors.

This is also your best chance to see authentic Trachten (traditional costumes) from the villages around Munich. Many traditional costumes associations come here to show off their Dirndl and Lederhose and hold performances of Bavarian folks music and dances.

Find the dates of all events here (only in German).

The Frühlingsfest has many exciting attractions!

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