Ruhmeshalle with Bavaria

The Hall of Fame together with the Bavaria are overlooking 
the Theresienwiese The ensemble of Bavaria with Ruhmeshalle (Hall of Fame) is located on a bank at the West side of Theresienwiese, where the Oktoberfest is held annually. From her lofty location, the monumental statue of the Bavaria overlooks the Theresienwiese as well as the neighboring quarters.

The Hall of Fame together with the Bavaria are overlooking the Theresienwiese The statue was a technical masterstroke of her time: she is made of pure bronze and weighs more than 70 tons with her height of 18 meters. After her inauguration during the 25th Oktoberfest in 1850, she quickly became the symbol and guardian of the state Bavaria.

The lady is portrayed in Germanic style: she is vested in a bearskin, holds an oak crown in her left hand and a lion at the leash in her right hand. This is supposed to show her German strength :-)

You can walk up a small spiral staircase inside the body. In the head of the statue is a small platform, where max. 3 persons will fit. Therefore sometimes you have to wait quite a while for your turn to glimpse through the four tiny windows. But you'll be rewarded with a spectacular view over the Theresienwiese and the city of Munich.

Busts of famous Bavarian personAlities in the Hall of Fame in Munich The Hall of Fame by Leo von Klenze (the same architect who built the Propyläen at Köngisplatz), is a Doric peristyle.

If you've been to Köngisplatz, you recognize the similarity in style.

Inside the Hall of Fame busts of important Bavarian personalities of past and present are exhibited. Stroll along and make a journey into Bavaria's past.

Scroll your mouse over the pictures below to read a short explanation about the person.

Bust of King Luwdig I of Bavaria Bust of Fugger, banker and benefactor Bust of Clara Ziegler, actress Bust of Fraunhofer, scientific

Opening Times are:
From April to October 9-18 h
during the Oktoberfest 9-20 h
winter closed
Entrance fee (to go to the platform inside the Bavaria): 3 Euro

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