Legowelt Allianz Arena

Did you know there's a Legowelt inside the Allianz Arena? This seems to be one of the best-hidden secrets of the famous soccer stadium in Munich.

Dragon made out of Lego Blocks

It took me a personal visit to find out all the details. On the Allianz Arena website you read that a child care during the games of the Bayern Munich soccer team is offered. Nothing else.

But off course, this didn't stop me from finding out more :-)

Kids 3 -12 years

One weekday we set out to explore. My friend and I together with our kids, who would be the demanding testers of the location.

Let me tell you it wasn't easy. The Legowelt is hidden in plain sight! I have no idea, why this is the case. Anyhow if you get to the entrance gates of the football stadium, turn to your left (not to the right where everyone else is going). At the end just before the fences there's a small staircase going up with a "Legowelt" sign.

Lego Building Blocks Sorted by Color

During weekdays not many kids visit (we were the only ones), but according to the nice guy behind the counter, it gets crowded on weekends.

Not Just Lego

Of course thousands of Lego and Duplo building blocks wait at different tables, for your children to play and build. But there's even more.

The Legowelt is a mini Indoors Playground with climbing wall, ball pond, crawling tunnels and even a slide.

Ball pond

Our little ones were excited and had a great time. At least until they decided it would be fun to throw all the little balls outside.

We noticed too late (because we were sitting on the couch and talking). Next thing we had to do was throwing hundreds and hundreds of little balls inside the fenced area again. Sigh !

If your kids are old enough to stay alone in the Legowelt, you can leave them inside. Meanwhile visit the Bistro that is located 5 meters from the Legowelt and drink a nice cup of hot coffee. Unfortunately the café is closed on weekdays during low season.

It's also a great place to "park" your kids while you join in an Allianz Arena tour, which they might not be interested in. Check my article about the Allianz Arena including the tour.

Opening Hours

Daily 10.00 to 18.00
Closed on Match Days.


Werner-Heisenberg-Allee 25
Underground U6 Fröttmaning

Entrance Fee

Free Entry

Please check first, if a soccer match is scheduled. During match days the complete Allianz Arena is closed for visitors (except if you have a ticket to the game).

Allianz Arena Website

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