Chinesischer Turm
Munich's Famous Beer Garden

The Chinesischer Turm (engl: Chinese Tower) is probably the most famous beer garden in Munich.
Beer Garden Chinesischer Turm in Munich It's located charmingly in the middle of the English Garden. Whenever you take a stroll through Munich's biggest park, this beer garden is almost impossible to miss.

The Chinesischer Turm beer garden got its name from one of the best-known landmarks in Munich, the Chinese looking pagoda-like tower.

The Chinese Tower has a height of 25 meters and is a polygonal structure with 5 storeys. The Tower is completely made of wood and has a diameter of 19 meters at ground level and about 6 meters in the highest storey.

Look at the Chinesischer Turm beer garden in Munich You can pass beneath the structure at ground level, but unfortunately you can only climb up during special events. Normally it's closed for visitors.

Almost everyone in Munich knows and likes the Chinesischer Turm beer garden. Even though it's become a big tourist attraction, you'll still meet many locals here.

Many visitors are students from the nearby University of Munich (LMU), who take a break between classes or even miss their class during a hot summer day.

Self Service booth at Chinesischer Turm beer garden in Munich Or maybe they are doing homework :-)
The Chinesischer Turm beer garden is equipped with wireless internet access and now you can tell everyone you're "at work" when relaxing in the shadow beneath the chestnut trees drinking a beer and eating a Brezn.

Tobi and I like to come, because it's quite near to where we live and we enjoy walking through the English Garden and relax after a hectic day at the office.

Restaurant at the Chinesischer Turm in Munich The Chinesischer Turm is one of the few beer gardens that has live traditional Bavarian music every weekend and many times during the week in summer.

Apart from the self-service beer garden, you have the choice to eat in the fancy restaurant Chinesischer Turm with very sophisticated, yet expensive meals. The restaurant, off course, is open year-round. Visit their website for more information about upcoming events (only in German).

This Dance is held once a year at the Chinesischer Turm in Munich Every year in July the Chinesischer Turm beer garden turns back in time and hosts the Kocherlball.

This ball is held in memory to the servants of the noble families of the 19th century and starts at 6 a.m.

Yes, I know, this is early! But it's worth it: People dress up in old-fashioned clothes and an orchestra plays polka and other traditional dances.

Another big event held at the Chinese tower beer garden is the Christmas mart, which is said to be the second biggest one in Munich (after Marienplatz). In my opinion it is definitely the coldest Christmas market, because it lacks big buildings to protect you from the icy winds.