A Beer Garden In The Ostpark

Michaeli Beer Garden Michaeligarten used to be my favorite beer garden, when I still lived in the south-east of Munich. Now that we moved into the city center, we prefer to visit beer gardens that are nearer to our new home like the Aumeister.

But we still like going to Michaeligarten (mostly by bike, which involves a 10 km trip one-way) because of the many advantages it offers.

Firstly, it's a huge beer garden, with lots of space. Even on the hottest summer evenings, you're still able to find a shady place under one of the big chestnut trees.

Secondly, it's located in the Ostpark. You already know that we Münchner love to spend warm days in one of our numerous parks. So what could be better than a beer garden inside a park?

You can spend the afternoon walking, playing, or relaxing in the Ostpark and when you get hungry you just walk a few steps into Michaeligarten. After having burnt so many calories during your outdoors activities you won't even feel guilty, when drinking your second Radler or eating the delicious Bavarian cheese "Obatzda".

Michaeligaten at the lake Thirdly, this beer garden is located right at the shore of a small artificial lake with a big water fountain.
Especially on hot summer days you'll be thankful for the fresh breeze coming from the water.

Fourthly, it has a big playground for children. Your children will be happy playing and you'll be happy relaxing :-)

And for all the water lovers among you, there is another great benefit: Michaelibad with its vast array of different indoor and outdoor swimming pools is just a few hundred meters away. Spend the day at the swimming pool and relax afterwards in the beer garden.

This is how life should always be :-)