Starnberger See - A Perfect Day Trip From Munich

The lake Starnberger See is a favorite day trip destination for people living in Munich. Starnberger See near Munich Every year when winter is finally over and the first warm sun rays shine upon Bavaria, people from Munich do leisure trips into the beautiful surroundings of Munich.

This year spring started early and I read in the news, that we had the warmest April in more than 200 years! (I guess that's due to the global warming.)

Because it was such a nice weather we already started into our "day trips season" as early as March and decided to have a walk along the shore of the lake Starnberger See.

Castle Possenhofen Even though it was very early in spring and still quite cold, we met many others doing the same! As you can see, the sun was shining (look at my sun glasses), but the wind was still cold enough to make me wear a jacket.
In spring time in Germany, never forget your jacket! It may be quite hot in the sun, but as soon as there's shadow or wind it can become cold quickly.

Unfortunately in March the public transport is still on winter schedule and the suburban train S6 to Tutzing travels only every 40 minutes (in summer every 20 minutes). You can get off at four different stations alongside the west shore of Starnberger See, we chose Starnberg.

Castle Possenhofen Our plan was to walk from Starnberg to the next station called Feldafing. This is a lovely walk about 5-6 km along the shore of Starnberger Lake. In Possenhofen (about half way) is a castle with a wonderful park. The famous empress Sissi of Austria lived here during her childhood. You cannot visit the castle, but you can admire it from outside and stroll through the public part of the park. Feldafing hosts a golf course.

Secretly I had hoped that I could convince Tobi to make a trip with one of the pleasure boats cruising the Starnberger See, because I just love boats!
But the pleasure boats only run between April and October.

Elegant Villa at Starnberger See near Munich Well, walking was almost as nice ;-)

We passed some magnificent villas and estates, like the one on the picture.
Not only day tourists like to come to Starnberger See, it is also a favorite place to live for the rich society people. Unfortunately real estate prices are exorbitantly high, not the kind of place, where normal people like us can afford to buy a house or even an apartment.

Famous Restaurant Forsthaus near Starnberg On your walk you'll also find quite a few restaurants and beer gardens, which invite you to sit down and try the tasty Bavarian food.
The Forsthaus on the photo to the right is a well-known restaurant with delicious Bavarian food. You'll almost never find an empty seat, neither outside, nor inside. At least we didn't :-(

If you can, make a reservation and you'll be sure to have a seat!

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